2019. 05. 13
Business Superbrands for the sixth time
We are greatly honored to have been considered in 2014, on the first occasion, among the most popular brands and this year marks the sixth time when we have been awarded with the Business Superbrands title, the trademark of one of the most acknowledged international brand evaluation systems.
Business Superbrands for the sixth time


This award is of great importance for Grabarics Ltd because the Superbrands trademarks symbolize superior quality. The Awards Committee consists of acknowledged experts of the trade. The opinion of the independent expert jury suggests that we chose the right direction and our corporate policy incessantly serves the interests of our Partners, Clients and, in the long run, the benefit of the trade and the country.

We thank for this sign of recognition and shall strive, also in the forthcoming years, to win it again because the Business Superbrands qualification offers safe and guaranteed guidance to all clients opting for the awarded brands in making their decisions. Such favorable feedback provides professional justification to the best suppliers and highlights the continued success and authenticity of the awardees.

This year, this much appreciated prize has been awarded on the fifteenth occasion to consumer brands deemed the most powerful ones in terms of brand perception, reputation, appreciation and traditions. Brands are nominated exclusively on the basis of professional aspects and no claim or application is accepted.

  • Since spring 2019, when we have installed the reinforcing steel manufacturing line in our RC prefabrication plant at Heves, we have been able to supply all monolithic RC orders of Grabarics Kft. from here and we also provide reinforcing steel for the elements manufactured in the plant.
  • The key subject of the Grabarics workshop organized in October was the smooth and constructive collaboration between the project implementation department of our company and its associated departments, in the framework of which we invited our colleagues to think together.
  • The activities of the factory unit was substantially changed when the Grabarics Építőipari (Construction) Ltd acquired the reinforced concrete prefabricating plant of Heves. By now we became a determining player in the market, we are widely considered as promising partner.
  • It is very important to us, that many university and college students participate in getting acquainted with our profession in the plant, thus facilitating the training of domestic experts for the construction industry. It is our open objective to persuade the most talented people that they plan their future at us and with us, but at least that they are well aware of the Grabarics Ltd, when they get their degrees at the university.
  • The four-star Hotel Superior being built by Grabarics Kft. will soon reach its highest point. The project is under construction in district VI of the capital city at Eötvös street 12 with more than HUF 2 billion foreign capital investment. The construction works started in June 2018 and the envisaged time of completion is August 2019.